The Brite Ranch is located in the Highlands of far West Texas on the Mexican border. The great Southwestern Texas section of the Big Bend and Davis Mountains is rich in romance and scenic beauty.

Also called the Texas Trans-Pecos, this is where the Rocky Mountains begin and head north. The main ranch headquarters lies under the shadowy folds of Capote Peak which rises to 6185 feet and abuts the Sierra Vieja Rimrock 1,000 feet above the twisting Rio Grande.

Most of the ranch is fairly level country of the Big Bend, but some of it is mountainous. It is a semi-arid desert, with vast far-reaching valleys whose sides push up in unrelenting ridges of rocky outcroppings, buff and rust-colored up close but made blue by distance and the clear, dry air.

High altitude, rolling pastures and the protection of towering mountains combine to give the Brite Ranch landscape a formidable impression of being in its virgin state, unoccupied, lonesome, wild and desolate.

We hope you enjoy a few photographs of God’s Creation taken in the pastures here on the Brite Ranch.

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